October 2, 2023

Fidelity Invests $ 14 Million in OSL Institutional Crypto Platform

Financial giant Fidelity International has invested $ 14 million in Hong Kong-based operator BC Group OSL's digital asset institutional platform. It is reported by The Block.

Fidelity acquired 17 million shares of BC Group for 6.50 Hong Kong dollars ($ 0.83). Now the American holding has a 5.6% stake in this company.

“This is another indication that largeinstitutional investors are in the realm of digital assets. This is a confirmation of what the BC Group and OSL believe in - mass adoption is inevitable. Leading financial companies invest in institutional infrastructure firms that meet all regulatory requirements and standards. ”- said BC Group CFO Steve Zhang.

OSL - focused on large playerscryptoexchange, also providing brokerage, custodial and SaaS services. Recently, the company applied for licenses for working with digital assets with the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission.

ForkLog previously reported that Fidelity Digital Assets is working on custodial support for Ethereum.