February 1, 2023

BitGo Launches TRON Institutional Support (TRX) in Early November

BitGo Launches TRON Institutional Support (TRX) in Early November

On October 14, BitGo announced on its blog a partnership with the TRON Foundation, “with the goal of developing a wallet and TRX storage solution by institutional investors, providing multi-level network security and Multi-sig functionality. ”

BiGo, one of the oldest and most respectedcrypto storage leader, explains that Multi-sig is a digital signature method that allows two or more users to securely sign documents on behalf of a group. In the case of digital assets, funds are available only upon presentation of two or more keys that are held by individuals.

TRON Foundation also published yesterdaya message saying that “any exchanges, premier brokers and futures platforms that want to store TRX can do this in a safe way” using BitGo.

Justin Sun, co-founder of the TRON Foundation, said:

We are glad that BitGo supports us, and we are extremely pleased to become a partner of this company.

Benedict Chan, Technical Director of BitGo, said:

Switching TRON to multi-sig will be extremely attractive for customers who require the highest level of security.

According to the materials www.cryptoglobe.com