March 4, 2024

Justin Sun introduced a new system of economic incentives for partners of the Tron network

According to him, it will be «fair and decentralized» distribution of income from TRX staking,designed to encourage more active participation of users, partners and cryptocurrency exchanges in the Tron ecosystem.

The founder of Tron published the new program in a series of tweets on Saturday, September 21.


Among other things, it is planned to increase the number ofusers with the right to vote, improve the consensus mechanism, and introduce a new economic incentive plan designed to offer more opportunities for the future development of the Tron ecosystem.


According to Sana, the list is planned to be expanded.Tron partners and great decentralization. He also writes that the project team has optimized the reward mechanism, which will allow users to increase their income from staking.

In particular, a system will be introduced in whichwhen each block is found, 127 nodes with the highest number of votes will receive a reward in proportion to the votes received. The reward for the found block will be 160 TRX.


The new mechanism, says Justin Sun, will stimulate active participation from partners, and a higher number of voting participants will make the Tron network economy more resilient.

Recall that in August the first version of the Sun Network protocol was released, which was designed to provide “unlimited” scaling of the Tron network.