April 23, 2024

Abra launches cryptocurrency sales in Philippines at 7-Eleven chain stores

Abra Wallet Operator to Start Selling Cryptocurrencies in the Philippinesfor Philippine pesos at 6,000 storesretail chain 7-eleven.

The company has signed a local payment agreement.ECPAY to access its network, which includes all 7-Eleven stores in the country. The service allows any Abra wallet user to purchase cryptocurrencies through the 7-Eleven CLIQQ app or kiosks.

Среди условий покупки — минимальный депозит in the amount of 500 Philippine pesos (approximately $10). However, the maximum purchase amount should not exceed 100,000 pesos ($1,900) per day. Users will be charged a 2% transaction fee and can purchase all Abra-supported cryptocurrencies through their wallet.

Abra founder and CEO Bill Barhydt said:

“Now Abra users in the Philippines canquickly and easily add pesos to Abra and use them to invest in cryptocurrencies or shares of such popular companies as Google, Amazon, Facebook, which opens up a whole world of new opportunities for earning. ”

New partnership 'expands offeringsECPAY products and services for such company partners as 7-Eleven, NCCC supermarkets, LCC Malls and other companies,” — said ECPAY General Manager Trisha D. Pascual.

In February, the Abra service announced an application for investing in stocks and ETFs using bitcoin.