July 21, 2024

Lithuanians can exchange bitcoins in stores

Lithuanians can exchange bitcoins in stores

Lithuanian convenience stores Narvesen and Lithuanian Press kiosks will begin selling Bitcoin (BTC), Cointalegraph writes withreference to local media.

According to the publication, outlets will bedistribute coupons that can then be exchanged for bitcoins. Narvesen and Lithuanian Press were chosen due to their wide network of representative offices and a favorable attitude towards cryptocurrencies.

“At present, we have about 60 stores in which we are constantly striving to expand the range of products and services,– said Narvesen CEO Vygintas Bartaševičius.

We recently offered a cashing service.funds for customers in our busy city, and now we are starting to sell bitcoin vouchers. Selling bitcoin coupons, we focus on a younger audience. ”

Converting the euro to bitcoins will not require anydocuments. It will be enough to provide email addresses and a bitcoin wallet. The founder of the Rebiton service, which will be used to convert coupons, Raimundas Asauskas believes that his company should not have problems with regulators.

“Although we greatly simplified the acquisition processBitcoin, we strictly follow the requirements for combating money laundering, fraud and comply with other legal aspects in our operations,- he claims.

We guarantee no violations. We evaluate and validate email and IP addresses using partner solutions, providing services similar to those offered by brands such as Disney, IBM, American Airlines and Santander. ”

It is noteworthy that in June the same Lithuanian editionreported that local authorities were preparing to approve new rules for the implementation of cryptocurrency transactions, which would require the business to confirm the identity of customers with a transaction amount of more than € 1,000. In this case, however, it is planned to limit the amount of one coupon to € 999.