December 2, 2023

He was bullied at school but now lives a lavish lifestyle thanks to trading in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency

Samuel Snell is a self-proclaimed millionaire at just 18 years old

Having started investing in cryptocurrency in 2014, he was repeatedly told to “stop wasting time on crypto”.

One of the fortunes being made appears to belongto teenager Samuel Snell. A victim of bullying at school, now he starts his day by ‘checking his earnings’ overnight which is dependent on how well the market performed, and on one occasion he made $27,000.

Samuel with his two Mercedes Benz cars he bought at 17 and 18

On TikTok Samual's shared a series of‘a day in the life’ videos where he boasts his extravagant lifestyle of earning thousands of dollars a day, driving his two Mercedes Benz cars and purchasing designer buys. He then went on to purchase a G Wagon for $350k at the age of 18 and is kitted in a diamond Rolex watch.

Sam hopes to show there is no age limit to growing your wealth online

Samuel claims he can now travel the world after investing in Cryptocurrency

He co-founded a program where he teaches others how to invest. However, not everyone online is convinced of his claims and wanted a step-by-step guide on how Samuel makes his profit.

“If this dude cared about making you rich for real, he would share his portfolio with you,” one person wrote.

Our editorial staff interested in this story.We wanted to find out if there are financial instruments that can generate income for any person, whether it's a teenager or an old man. So we conducted thr investigation and learned aboutThe Project. All we had to do is to test it.

Our editor Henry Lawson became a volunteer. At first, he didn't take it seriously.

“Invested in crypto, Samuel Shell went travel the world. I’m just planning to go on vacation with my family,” said Henry.

The result of the experiment amazed everyone!

Like Samuel, Henry had to check the balance every morning, starting the next day after making a minimum deposit of $250.

“I couldn’t resist and checked on the same day evening, the balance was $481. Although this result wasn’t that impressive, I was pleasantly surprised,” Henry said.

The next day morning, the balance increased to $539 and did not change during the day. The day after Henry found that he had only $452 in his account.

“To be honest, I wasn’t encouraged.There was some income, so insignificant, so after two days I had no interest in checking my account.” – Henry admitted that he hasn't checked his balance for a week.

The most amazing thing was yet to come …

On the 10th day of the experiment, Henrydiscovered that he had $3,872. The initial deposit of $250 has multiplied more than 15 times! Since then, revenue has only continued to increase – over the next week, The Project brought in from $1,700 to $2,300 every day. In two weeks it ​brought Henry $31,693.

I was able not only to pay off a two-week vacation for the whole family, I also paid off some debts. The best part was that while we were enjoying our trip, The Project continued to make money.” – Henry shared his experience with The Project.

And although the daily income was far from Samuel Schell's $27,000, we were convinced that cryptocurrency, and The Project in particular, allows everyone to earn good money.

So we got in touch with one of the founders, who shared more information about the project.

Jake Saunders, Chief Development Engineer of The Project

The Project is a cryptocurrency auto trading systempowered by artificial intelligence. We have created a self-learning logic core to accurately identify the most profitable transactions in the cryptocurrency market and predict Bitcoin growth trends.

Our main goal was to create an innovative trading tool that did not exist before so that even a child or a very old man could make money on cryptocurrencies.

Our product wasn’t widely announced becausewe have a technical limit on the number of users. There's no need to overload the system. It is used by only a few hundred investors now. We welcome all new users, but you should hurry up.

Now we are continuing to develop the system, but big banks are trying in every possible way to hide any information about The Project.

It is difficult for us to work in such asituation, and what warms our souls is the letters of gratitude from our users. These are ordinary people who have already tried the investing opportunities and have a stable passive income. For example, here is a letter that came to us yesterday.

Patrick Campbell, 21 years old, medical student

Words like this remind us of the importance ofour mission and keep us going despite the difficulties. I can say for sure that large banks can block us at any time. Right now you have a chance to start building your free and happy future. Welcome! – That’s how The Project representative ended his speech.

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