November 29, 2022

CME Group will launch Bitcoin options in early 2020

CME Group will launch Bitcoin options in early 2020

CME Group, North America's largest derivatives market, will launch options on its Bitcoin futures in the first quarter of next year.

According to the announcement, the addition of new productswill provide customers with additional tools to increase trading flexibility and reduce price risks. They will help organizations and professional traders manage the bitcoin spot market and hedge cryptocurrency futures contracts in a regulated environment.

So far, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange has agreed to launch options with regulatory authorities.

CME began offering bitcoin futures in December 2017, almost simultaneously with CBOE. Representatives of the exchange claim that on average about 7 thousand crypto derivatives are traded on average.

Since March 2019, CBOE has stopped offering itsderivatives, making CME the only supplier. However, on September 23, a subsidiary of ICE Bakkt is due to open and bring supplyable MTC futures to the market.