December 11, 2023

BitPay Launches Ethereum Support in the coming weeks

BitPay Launches Ethereum Support in the coming weeks
BitPay will add support for Ethereum

BitPay Expands Its Capabilities to Ethereum, Allowing Merchants Around the WorldThe payment providerannounced on September 16 that customers will be able tosafely and in accordance with the requirements to accept the currency in the coming weeks.  

Ethereum will be available on BitPay 

Users will be able to store ether in their BitPay wallets, as well as prepaid card holdersVisa BitPay will be able to add their debit cards. 

Steven Para, CEO of BitPay, said in a statement that integrating Ether was the "next logical choice" for the company.

Ether joins the BitPay payment mechanism by offering Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.The company also supports stable coin settlementwith Circle CENTER USD Coin, Gemini Dollar and Paxos Standard in addition to 12 currencies and direct bank deposit in select countries. 

The company reports that sellers such asMicrosoft, Newegg, Dish Networks, FanDuel and Avnet will be able to support the currency without any additional effort to integrate them. They will also be able to handle cross-border transactions.Transaction
- This is a financial term that means a logically meaningful operation that can only be carried out in full. In more detail.

According to company representatives, air support will appear very soon. However, the official launch date was not indicated in the announcement.

  • On August 26, BitPay blocked a transaction for $ 100,000 in cryptocurrency, which was designed to extinguish a fire in the forests of the Amazon.
  • Upcoming regulations are forcing cryptocurrency companies to stop promoting their services in countries such as Germany, with BitPay announcingabout the cessation of work in the country.