December 2, 2022

Scientists have developed a lithium-ion battery that does not light up

Scientists have developed a lithium-ion battery that does not light up

The research team has developed a flexiblefireproof lithium-ion battery for extreme conditions, which continues to function even after immersion in water, ballistic impact and cutting.

Li-ion batteries are becoming more and moreA popular means of storing energy. However, modern options have not changed much since the mid-90s and are unsafe, as they are still made from flammable and combustible materials. Recently, scientists from Johns Hopkins University introduced an improved version of a water-based drive that can work outdoors.

They described their discovery of a new class of electrolytes.such as “water in salt” and “water in two salts” (WiS and WiBS), which, when included in the polymer matrix, reduce water activity, increase the energy potential and extend the battery’s life cycle, while eliminating flammable, toxic and highly reactive solvents. The team claims that it is a safe and powerful alternative.

According to scientists, the first options for flexible batteries were unstable, but in subsequent studies they found a solution to the problem. Within a year, the team hopes to create a working prototype.

Earlier, we also reported on the creation of a prototype of the first iron-ion battery with a mild steel anode, the capacity of which reaches 55-60% lithium-ion.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo and video: Johns Hopkins University