July 31, 2021

New 500-megapixel camera recognizes every face in the crowd

New 500-megapixel camera recognizes every face in the crowd

Chinese scientists have developed a 500-megapixel camera for face recognition, which can identify each of the ten thousandth crowd in the street or stadium.

In the past few years, China has been activelydevelops a system of social credit, which assesses the behavior of citizens and gives them points, depending on their lifestyle. For example, access to the best educational institutions or travel restrictions may depend on the rating. At the moment, the state network of video surveillance includes about 200 million cameras and is key data collection tool.

At a recent international industrial fairChinese scientists have demonstrated a 500-megapixel camera, which is four times more sensitive than the human eye. The device will integrate artificial intelligence, which will help to scan the crowd and identify each person in a few seconds, comparing the received images with the existing database in real time.

Australia also improves systemsvideo surveillance. In the state of New South Wales, they began to use new cameras to identify drivers who are distracted by text messages, phone calls and social networks along the way.