December 9, 2022

OFFTOP | EXXA - a cryptocurrency wallet that pays

EXXA Wallet is an analogue of Cloud Token!
Already in Appstore and Google play !!!

EXXA.The official opening was September 28th in Singapore.

Google play:

Registration code: 92741442

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one). The very beginning (token price at the very start)
2). International development
3). Wallet is already in App store
four). Public admins office in Singapore

EXXA - this is a project from the series of the universal trend “Cryptowallets ”, sending cryptocurrency to which you can get“ passive income ”, refers to such topics with a cold head and remember the risks (the whole pyramid will end sooner or later). In my opinion, for marketing based on the starting price of the token.

This topic is now more interesting and located inthe beginning of its journey, unlike analogues, where the value of coins has grown significantly. Personally, I saw an international movement here, and the turnover of tens of millions of dollars is not from the CIS (this is a positive moment for the successful work of the project)

For example: The first topic of this kind Plus Token lived for a year and a half and the price of the token increased from $ 0.4 to $ 300 (real X's)

I advise you to delve into, so as not to blame yourself for the missed opportunity!

P.S. It should be regarded as a high-risk earning opportunity.

P.S. (1) Projects of this kind work on human greed (do not forget to withdraw what you earned)

P.S. (2) referral code - 92741442

(instruction below)


EXXA Is a Singaporean multi-currency crypto walletin the form of a mobile application that we put on a smartphone. You can just store your cryptocurrency on it, but you can do something much more interesting! By clicking just a few buttons, you can send your Bitcoins, Ethers, USDT or other coins in trust. Having made this simple action, you begin to receive daily profit of 3-19% per month (if the deposit is up to $ 300 - 3% -9%, if the deposit is more than 300 $ - 6% -19%)! But that's not all! Profit you get in tokens EXXA, the price of which is constantly growing!

In a similar project - Plus token, whichI worked for a year and a half, the price of the token increased from $ 0.4 to $ 300. Initial Plus Token investors have increased their capital by more than 600 times! Many have become millionaires. Naturally Plus Token is already a missed opportunity, But in the form of a second chance for this, there is EXXAwhere the project has not yet started and the price of the token at the very start!

The potential is huge!

As proof of the legend, there are trading reports that can be seen inside the application, and in more detail for our Digital Nation team we will broadcast everything from Singapore, that is, from the forefront!

Project management

Danny C. Pang is the CEO of AXXA Global with over 26 years of experience in the industry. He is widely known for his leadership in sales and the formation of successful team teams.

He runs a global network of 22 countries and over 300,000 partners.

Danny’s network marketing career began in the United States twenty-four years ago, and has now become a global network spanning half the planet.

Danny is also a co-founder of Rain Inernational (since 2010)

Frankie Lee CEO and Chairman of BNF Group

Frankie Lee managed to assemble a highly qualified team in the BNF Group and managed to expand it to 350 employees who are highly motivated and focused on business.

BNF Group today is a combination of diverse businesses.

Gregory ang GangTV founder, Greg played an important role inplanning of business operations, marketing initiatives, delivery and distribution of products throughout the region. Due to his natural and innovative style, he was released as the first professional in Asia in the field of HD channels in 2006.

Since then, he has become an integral part inmarketing channels such as Discovery Channel, ESPN, Hallmark Channel, The Food Network HD, Sundance Channel, WE TV, KMTV, AMC Networks International, Fashion One TV, Fashion 4K and Videofashion News 4K, delivering content to millions of people in the Asia-Pacific region.

Conditions for investors

Deposit Currency: BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC

Minimum Deposit: $ 50, but to activate an affiliate program at least $ 300!

The deposit is unlimited! The contribution body can be withdrawn at any time!

(If you withdraw the body before 30 days, the commission is 10%, if later - 1%)

Yield floating 3-19% per month! Regardless of the amount of deposit! Profit is accrued daily.

Profit paid in tokens EXXA. You can exchange them for Ethers inside the wallet and withdraw. The body of the deposit is not converted! If you invested Ether, then you get profit on the air!

Do not forget that in addition to daily interest charges, the price of the token EXXA growing too! Therefore, you can get a lot more profit!

affiliate program

1st line: 100% of daily profits!

2nd line: 50% of the profit!

Each personal partner you bring with you opens a new depth. If for example you brought 7 people, you have 7 levels open! T.O. You can open 10 lines!

3rd - 10th line: 5% of profit

If your total team turnover is $ 200,000 and you have 16 partners of the 1st line, you get rank (X1), and begin to receive 10% of profit partners from the 3rd line to infinity.

If you have 3 people with a rank (X1) in 3 different branches, you get a rank (X2) and start getting 15% of profit partners from the 3rd line to infinity.

If you have 3 people in 3 different branches with a rank (X2), you get a rank (X3) and start getting 20% of profit partners from the 3rd line to infinity.

If you have 3 people with a rank (X3) in 3 different branches, you get a rank (X4) and start getting 25% of profit partners from the 3rd line to infinity.

If you have 3 people with a rank (X4) in 3 different branches, you get a rank (X5) and start getting 30% of profit partners from the 3rd line to infinity.

Note: If your partner catches up with you in rank, you stop receiving an additional percentage from him. Unlike analogues, there is compression here. And this is very good!

Why invest in EXXA right now?

Trending idea of ​​a cryptocurrency wallet with remote control function. A similar project Plus Token has made many millionaires. EXXA I took into account all the mistakes of my older brother and made a much better product!

Simplicity! Unlike analogs, registration takes 5 seconds here, it is also not necessary how to enter SMS in analogs, which many do not receive!

There are trading reports, as well as evidence of working trading software. The counterparts did not have any reports and evidence.

Open Guide! There is a direct connection with the admins.

International movement! Leaders from the USA, Malaysia and Germany are already in the subject!

Still just the start! The first earn the most!

Everything in the world is just starting! The market is free!

The affiliate program is not as aggressive as in the counterparts, and there is also compression! This greatly extends the life span!

How to become an EXXA investor

Download the application from the link -
Or directly from application stores

APPLE Store:

Google Play Market (Android):

1. Run the application, click "Create account", come up with Nickname and enter the referral code - 92741442

2. We invent a password for entry, repeat its entry for verification and press NEXT, then a payment pin code. and also press NEXT, then re-enter the just invented pin code and again press NEXT

3. In the next window, the system will generate 12 words for you, this is a mnemonic phrase and your access to the wallet. MANDATORY Save this mnemonic phrase, it will be needed to restore the wallet in case of force majeure (if you lose passwords and stuff)! After we press the button "Continue"

four. Confirm that you wrote down the mnemonic phrase, arrange the words in the order in which they were presented in the previous window, and if you specify the order correctly, you can click on the “Continue” button

5. On the screen you will see your username - “Account Number”

Your password is “Account Password”

Your PIN code is “Transaction Password”


Your personal referral code for team invitations is “Refferal Code”

Click on the eye-shaped icons to display information and be sure to save everything! (Record or take a screenshot) This is very important!

6. After everything is saved, click on the “Sign In” button and in the pop-up window, click on the “yes” button

7. You will be transferred to the application login page (If not, just open it and click on the “Sign In” button)

And in the Account Number field, enter your account number, and in the "Password" field, enter your password that you specified during registration, then click on the "Sign In" button

8. At the top at the top, click on the “VAULT” button and then in the upper right corner click on the “Recieve” button, then select a deposit coin and click on the “Create Wallet” button. Best of all, use Ether, but you can use others, then put a daw and click Confirm button and then go back

9. Again, in the upper right corner, click on the “Recieve” button and select the cryptocurrency whose wallet you just created, and below you will see the wallet address for sending the cryptocurrency, and in order to replenish your balance in EXXA send coins to it, then click in the leftback arrow in the upper corner and wait for the coins to be credited to the balance (It may take from 1 minute to an hour, depending on the cryptocurrency and the size of the commission you sent)

10. When the balance is reflected, return to the main one and click on the Project / DEVO + / Participate / button at the top and press the green ADD button opposite the cryptocurrency of which you replenished the balance, then click on the “MAX” button and ADD button, after which we agree by ticking and click on confirm button, then enter your six-digit pin code that was created during registration and click on the daw, then “Go Back”. Within an hour, your cryptocurrency will go to work and trading will be launched.

You can verify this again later by opening the main one, and the amount that will be in the work of the DEVO + robot will be displayed in the Project Pool in USDT column

That's it, now your contribution works! Every day you will make a profit. It will fall on the balance in tokens. EXXA.

After registration, write to me in PM, I will add you to the chat!