February 27, 2024

Ex-head of Mt.Gox asked US court to acquit him on charges of negligence and fraud

The former head of the bankrupt Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox Mark Karpeles intends to stop the trial,started by a former user of the platform back in 2014. This was reported by Cointelegraph with reference to documents sent to the federal court in Chicago.

Karpeles' lawyers asked the court for summary judgment because the plaintiff, Gregory Green, allegedly admitted that his claims were either incorrect or baseless.

The former CEO of Mt.Gox insists that charges of embezzlement, negligence and fraud against him are dropped.

He claims that the plaintiff has no evidence ofKarpeles’s appropriation of cryptocurrencies or fiat funds by users, as well as the absence of security measures at Mt.Gox for managing bitcoins stored on the exchange. Karpeles considers the allegations of fraud to be contradictory and unfounded.

“After resolving claims against othersdefendants in mid-2018, Mr. Green, who admitted during the subsequent trial that his claims were false and unfounded, continued to insist on his claims. The time has come to put an end to this lawsuit. ”— Karpeles' lawyers said.

Let us remind you that the ex-head of Mt.Gox already tried to stop the legal proceedings on the claim of Gregory Green and Anthony Motto, but then the judge rejected the petition.

Last year, the Tokyo District Court found Karpeles guilty of falsifying documents, but was acquitted of embezzlement and corporate law violations.

However, the former CEO of the exchange did not agree with the verdict and announced his intention to challenge it.