June 18, 2024

OpenLibra Co-Founder Accused of ICO Fraud

OpenLibra Co-Founder Accused of ICO Fraud

The launch of the OpenLibra project was originally announced at Ethereum's DevCon conference held in Japan.Shortly after the announcement, Twitter user Andrew Lee pointed out the controversial activities of the project's co-founder.

Andrew stated that OpenLibra co-founder Lucas Geiger was involved in an ICO conducted by Wireline.io. In particular, Geiger is also a co-founder of WireLine.io.

Andrew Lee is the founder of Web3Journal. According to Andrew's tweet, he and several of his partners invested a million dollars in Wireline's ICO in 2018, after which the project fell silent and stopped responding to investors' requests.

Andrew also posted photos of numerous appeals to Geiger, to which heReports said that the Wireline token was supposed to be released in the second quarter of 2018, however, this never happened. 

Andrew also noted that since Lucas pays great attention to the open source code for the OpenLibra project, he should be more open about his role in the Wireline ICO.

The OpenLibra token has been announced as a decentralized version of Facebook's Libra project, which will provideThe company has already released the first version of a Libra-based virtual machine, called MoveMint.

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