February 9, 2023

Head of Forbes appreciated the advantages of BTC over fiat currencies

Head of Forbes appreciated the advantages of BTC over fiat currencies

According to Forbes Media Group President Steve Forbes, Bitcoin Helps People All Over the World Resist governments that exercise excessive control or damage citizens.

On Sunday, he participated in the ARK podcastInvest, which was dedicated to traditional markets. Toward the end of the podcast, ARK Invest managing director Katie Wood asked Forbes his opinion on cryptocurrencies and, in particular, Bitcoin.

“Bitcoin has played a very important role in providinghelping people in distress around the world. He has provided workarounds against institutions that want to control you, starve and hurt you.

Bitcoin is what can be called a high-tech cry for help. ”

Forbes’s position regarding Bitcoin is new in its own way in the traditional financial environment, it is obvious that the top manager understands the mechanism for using BTC and its role in the modern financial ecosystem.

He does not at all agree that the role of governments is to put citizens in difficult situations, as is the case, for example, in Venezuela.

Often proponents of traditional financeprefer assets controlled and regulated by governments. Forbes believes that in some cases, lack of government control or even the impossibility of government intervention can be useful.

He also acknowledged that the challenge with Bitcoin is to become as reliable a tool as traditional money. This requires, first of all, a decrease in volatility.