January 29, 2023

OneCoin Fraud Witness Threatened with Murder

OneCoin Fraud Witness Threatened with Murder

Glasgow resident Jen Macadams talks about the fraudulent scheme she allegedly uses in a BBC podcast OneCoin cryptocurrency platform. After that, the woman began to be threatened with physical violence and violence.

Macadams said in an interview with the BBC:

This is a terrible and mean act [from the sideadherents of OneCoin]. I think the threats are real, so I have to look around when I walk down the street. The situation negatively affected my health, but I will not give up until I achieve justice with the other victims of OneCoin.

OneCoin Company, registered in Bulgaria,managed to attract financing in the amount of several billion dollars. However, the US authorities accused the company of fraud and money laundering and opened a criminal case against the founder of the startup - Ruzhi Ignatova, who then disappeared in an unknown direction. OneCoin employees deny that the project is a financial pyramid, and cryptocurrency is still being traded on some exchanges.

According to the BBC, about 70,000 residentsUK purchased OneCoin coins worth £ 96 million. Jen invested £ 8,000 in OneCoin, her friends and relatives invested £ 220,000 in the project. According to Macadams, people bought digital assets for their last savings, some mortgaged houses and convinced their friends to invest in a startup. Realizing that virtual currency has no objective value, Jen turned to the British police and the financial regulatory authority to punish those responsible.

During the implementation of OneCoin coins, specialistsCompanies emphasized that a digital asset is an educational tool with which a person can learn to use cryptocurrency. In this regard, the OneCoin exchange rate is not secured by any valuable assets, and coin holders are not entitled to claim dividends. In addition, One Coin did not sell virtual currency on its own, but offered to purchase training manuals, which came with the tokens used for mining OneCoin. Thus, it remains unclear what investors were counting on and what claims they may make to the issuing company.