April 23, 2024

IBM Interested in Collaborating on Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency

IBM Interested in Collaborating on Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency

IBM is open to working with Facebook to create the stablecoin Libra, CNBC reports.

As reported by the GeneralIBM Blockchain Services Manager Jason Kelly, a company focused on enhancing collaboration on distributed ledger technology.

“Blockchain is a team sport. Our customers are ready to work with Facebook, and we are ready to work with all of them to unite them. ”- he declared.

Kelly did not specify whether IBM is interested injoining the Libra Association, but noted that the Facebook initiative is really contributing to the development of technology. At the same time, he hastened to distance himself from cryptocurrencies and switch to tokenization of real-world assets, including fiat currencies and stocks. Libra is supposed to become a tokenized form of a basket of national currencies.

“We are talking about Libra, and people claim that this is just another cryptocurrency. Leave the cryptocurrencies and talk about tokenization, because that's what we are talking about ”- he added.

On account of IBM, the development of its own blockchain platform, which, according to the company, allows "to increase transparency in everything from the banking industry to the management of supply chains."

In August, IBM introduced a new blockchain project, Trust Your Supplier, which included Cisco, Lenovo, Nokia, and others.