March 4, 2024

Facebook acquires Israeli chatbot developer

Facebook acquires Israeli chatbot developer

Facebook acquires Israeli startup Servicefriend to automate the processing of user requestsits planned digital wallet, Calibra.

Created in 2015 by Ido Arad and Shahar BenAmi, the startup provides AI-based hybrid bot technology for customer service. Co-founders Arad and Ami have confirmed that Servicefriends is now part of Calibra.

In addition, chatbot software developed by Servicefriends is planned to be used in the Libra cryptocurrency project.Given the huge number of users who will automatically receive the Calibra crypto wallet, its smooth operation will beis impossible without automation of customer requests. 

When creating a set of financial services for Calibra users for operations with Libra, it is important for the company to provide reliable and uninterrupted customer service.

Recall that recently the head of the Libra project, David Marcus, said that, despite the pressure from regulators, the company still plans to launch stablecoin in 2020.