June 9, 2023

Economic digest 01/26/2020

The dollar / ruble pair grew last week and closed at 62.07. Medium term couple is likely finished wave C wave 2 final diagonaltriangle 86, which is flat (markup here), and is already in wave 3. Options for long-term layout here. The net long speculative position in the ruble futures increased by 900 from 28,800 to 29,700. The RTS index fell and closed at 1599.82 (long-term markup here, medium-term - here). The Russian Government Bonds Index (RGBI-tr) has grown and closed at 579.04. See the Weekly Results program for more details.

World markets

Oil realized the figure “an inverted head andshoulders ", and went into correction. When this correction will end (has ended), it will depend on where exactly the KDT, which was the last wave in movement since 42.05 (markup here), has ended, there are still options (see here). At the moment, flat (in more detail here) is no longer the most likely option (although it is possible that it is A in a bull triangle), so far it is impossible to distinguish it. The net volume of long speculative positions last week fell by 9,700, from 530,300 to 520,600. The number of operating towers in the USA grew from 673 to 676. The week closed with WTI - 54.20, Brent - 60.56. At the end of Thursday, the number of bulls in the market was 46%.

Euro / dollar (EUR / USD) finished the wave With a flat correction withMarch 2015 (you can see the markup here, the dollar index here), respectively, the X wave in the long-term markup, since the level 1.21545 was broken (earlier this signal gave the dollar index, breaking the corresponding level), and moves towards parity. Now the pair is in the fifth wave of this movement, which is KDT. Closing of the week - 1.1021. At the end of Thursday, the number of bulls on the market was 22%.

S&P Index Futures What is the last wave of growth, say for nowdifficult, most likely it is part of the corrective pattern (wave B of a triangle or flat) and, possibly, it is finished. Closing of the week - 3293.5. At the end of Thursday, the number of bulls in the market was 87%.

Gold is in wave B in a circle in the longmarkup (maybe already finished it). The metal struck 1366.08, therefore its wave B (or X) was a triangle, and it is already moving in wave C, and, possibly, has finished it (medium-term marking here). Closing of the week - 1571.25. At the end of Thursday, the number of bulls on the market was 86%.

Bitcoin struck the October minimum, so there is everythingreason to believe that the impulse from the year before last minimum was completed on June 26 and is now going on (or finished, which is more likely, because the impulse is forming up)) correction to it (2 wave).

RUH666 (the founder of ruhism)