March 4, 2024

Trading volume at Bakkt breaks records

Trading volume at Bakkt breaks records

After several relatively sluggish days, the Bakkt futures exchange saw record levels of volume.bidding.

It is worth noting that since the launch, the total trading volume on Bakkt is $ 9 million, while the average volume per day is less than $ 1 million.

Bakkt futures trading volume on Thursday$ 1.93 million, at the moment this is a record high. Growth in interest in futures contracts occurred after the BTC price broke through the resistance level of $ 8600.

At the moment, experts do not find a durableconnections between derivatives markets and the spot market. We note that the BTC spot market remains extremely active – More than 2.43 million BTC are traded on it every day.

Recall that due to unsatisfactory performance of trading on the exchange, many experts began to doubt the viability of the platform.

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