February 20, 2024

Bitcoin hash continues to set records

Bitcoin hash continues to set records

According to Coin Dance, last week, BTC hashing dropped from 104 x/s to 57, after which it immediately beganrecover.

On September 24, the hash rate reached 114 x/s, just a few steps away fromAn all-time high of 121 h/s, a level reached ten days ago.

However, technical experts subsequently explained that the hash rate graphs available online actually giveThey explained that the coefficientHashes are essentially unmeasurable, and statistics are subjective estimates.According to them, factors such as slow lockdown times canadversely affect the final results

However, according to the latest statisticalAccording to data, the bitcoin hash rate remains on an upward trajectory close to historical highs, despite the price drop by almost 21% per week.