February 8, 2023

Opinion: in a year TRON will take over leadership from Ethereum

Bitcoin developer Udi Wertheimer says TRON will surpass Ethereum in about a year leading platform for decentralized applications. In response, he was suspected of trolling.

“TRON is going to throw Ethereum next year or so, it's never a joke. The DeFi guys aren’t yet aware of this, but they will work for Justin when he acquires ConsenSys. ” - said Wertheimer.

Wertheimer expressed his opinion after the founder of TRON Justin Sun announced plans for cooperation of the platform with the Bitcoin exchange Poloniex. The entrepreneur also confirmed the purchase of a share in the exchange.

According to Weitheimer, TRON is superior to Ethereum in development, transaction speed and censorship resistance, and also has a business acumen.

But commentators not only suspected him of trolling, but also recalled the ambiguous reputation of both the TRON project and Justin Sun himself.

However, Wertheimer is not the only one who believes that TRON, as well as EOS, are able to take Ethereum's market share. Maximist bitcoin Samson Moe even called Ethereum a “technological dead end”.

Recall that in the latest version of the cryptocurrency project rating of the Center for the Development of the Chinese Information Technology Industry (CCID), TRON was ahead of Ethereum.