July 4, 2022

McAfee Decentralized Exchange Adds TRON, EOS, BNB, and NEO Support

McAfee Decentralized Exchange Adds TRON, EOS, BNB, and NEO Support

At the time of the launch of McAfee DEX, its founder, John McAfee, promised to add support for ERC-20 tokens. In concise tweet John announced that McAfee Dex willcompatible with TRON, which will allow users from November 8 to trade not only TRX, but also any other TRC10 and TRC20 token. Until now, McAfee DEX has only been compatible with tokens running on the Ethereum blockchain.

According to information published onTRON's official website, TRC-20 is a smart contract standard similar to the ERC-20 on the Ethereum network. The TRC-10 token is a token that does not require writing a smart contract and is aimed at improving the efficiency of transactions.

John also said that his McAfee DEX will eventually switch to the TRON blockchain:

Although Twitter does not provide details about othersintegrations, McAfee has already announced its intention to list EOS, BNB, and NEO tokens. In a recent interview, he assured that by the first half of 2020 it will become possible to freely make transactions between tokens of these blockchains.

On November 8th, we will add the Tron blockchain. On January 1, we will add Binance, EOS and NEO, and then on May 1 we will start working with cross-chains. We will be like Binance, only decentralized and with free coin listing.