June 18, 2024

AnChain: Tron Network Crowded With Bots

AnChain: Tron Network Crowded With Bots

According to a new AnChain study, the TRON network is full of dApp bots that distort data on volume andnumber of users on the platform.

In a research reportAnChain group claims to have discovered tens of thousands of unique accounts owned by bots that simulate user activity on the TRON network. Experts estimate that about a third of all TRON accounts are owned by bots, and these accounts are responsible for more than $ 270 million of transaction volume in the leading gaming applications of the platform since the beginning of this year.

According to AnChain's report, bots on networks likeTRON and Ethereum are common. However, the team believes that their excessive activity distorts the performance of the Blockchain Transparency Index, which measures the state and safety of the ecosystem.

Researchers from AnChain believe TRON is notthe only blockchain showing false volumes. Let us recall that the company previously published a report that 75% of transactions on the EOS network are also carried out by bots.

At the moment, employees of the analytical center are aimed at finding dApp bots on the Ethereum network.