May 28, 2023

MIT professor: “Blockchain is not suitable for organizing voting”

According to Ronald Rives, MIT professor of computer technology, blockchain is not suitable to organize voting, although it can be applied in other areas.

At the RSA Security Conference inSan Francisco Rivest, a cryptographer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, noted that the issue of voting is quite interesting and requires a tougher approach than other security issues.

“Blockchain is not suitable for providingsafety of voting. I think the use of technology in this area is more like installing a combination lock on a home hob. By itself, it is good in certain cases, but not for voting, ”Rivest said.

According to the professor, voting is not requiredhigh technology to conduct, and anonymity and secret ballots only complicate the audit process. In addition, unlike paper ballot counting, when using the blockchain, you will need to trust the software developer.

Recently, the voting system on the blockchain in Iowa did not work correctly, which led to a big scandal. This cast a shadow over the use of technology in voting.

However, technology companies continuedevelop voting systems on the blockchain. Recently, Kaspersky Lab released a prototype of the voting mechanism on the Polys blockchain. It allows you to vote both remotely and at a polling station.