January 29, 2023

Indian students develop blockchain voting platform

Three students of the Malla Reddy Engineering College of Women’s Engineering College have developed a blockchain platform that Helps simplify and speed up the online voting process.

“People will no longer have to stand in long lines at polling stations,” said Indian college students.

The system was successfully tested in building cooperatives, demonstrating a high level of security and resistance to hacker attacks.

Note that blockchain has become increasingly usedwhen voting for the greatest transparency of the process and the reliability of the results. Earlier this month, two Oregon counties announced the introduction of mobile voting on the blockchain in the upcoming November elections.

At the same time, a professor at the University of NorthCarolina Nir Kshetri claims that blockchain is too early to use in this area. He said that while in digital voting systems, there are many shortcomings and vulnerabilities that must be addressed before the full implementation of the technology.

In addition, in August, French cryptographers conducted a study of the Moscow blockchain voting system and came to the conclusion that it can be cracked in 20 minutes.