December 2, 2023

UN must use blockchain, Secretary General of Organization said

UN must use blockchain, Secretary General of Organization said

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said that the intergovernmental structure should use blockchain to improve work efficiency.

According to him, the introduction of such information technologies will allow the organization to quickly achieve its goals in the digital era.

In the 2020 UN budget, 10% more was allocated to various technical projects and international initiatives in the field of sustainable development than in the previous period.At the same time, Guterres blamed thecoordination and implementation of a plan for its own executive service with the support of a new technology advisory group.

However, he also stated that after it is clear what works and what doesn’t, the strategy can be reviewed and updated. This is necessary to maintain its relevance and success in implementation.

Currently, blockchain is already used in five regional programs of the UN and its subdivisions.However, other international organizations are also starting to use the technology, such as the Red Cross in Novemberbegan to use blockchain to increase the effectiveness of aid.