January 28, 2023

Justin Sun Announces TRON Shielded Transaction Beta

Justin Sun Announces TRON Shielded Transaction Beta

While global regulators are cautious about privacy-oriented digital currencies, a number of cryptocurrency projects demonstrate their interest in ensuring confidentiality and anonymity.

The last project that joined thismovement, is TRON. So, on December 17, 2019, the creator of the project, Justin Sun, wrote on Twitter about the launch of a beta-test initiative for screened transactions that hide the sender and receiver addresses, input and output of the transaction, and the transaction amount.

According to San, shielded transactions use zk-SNARK to ensure anonymity. He noted that evidence with zero knowledge is based on a set of publicly available parameters.

TRON creator added that for transparent andsafely constructing these parameters, the project uses a multilateral computing protocol. Reliable protection of this parameter can protect the project from malicious attacks.

Finally, Sun stated that TRON beta testing is open to developers and anyone can contribute to the project on GitHub.