July 21, 2024

Greece suspended the decision to extradite Alexander Vinnik

Greece suspended the decision to extradite Alexander Vinnik

Greece's Supreme Administrative Court has suspended the decision on the extradition of 38-year-old Russian AlexanderVinnik, who is suspected of laundering billions of dollars, pending an appeal.

On December 20, the Greek Ministry of Justice acceptedthe decision to extradite Alexander Vinnik, accused of laundering funds in bitcoins worth more than $ 4 billion through the BTC-e exchanger, to France, the United States or Russia in descending order of priority.

Vinnik’s lawyers immediately appealed the decision,and Alexander himself went on a hunger strike. The defense party is confident that the four-day hunger strike seriously undermined Vinnik’s health and that an unfair extradition decision could be a “death sentence” for the accused.

So far, there is no information on how long the transfer of Vinnik was postponed, and the date of the next court session has not yet been determined.

Recall that earlier the Supreme Court of Greece has alreadymade a decision to approve the extradition of Vinnik to the United States. Meanwhile, the Russian Embassy in Greece has repeatedly stated that Greek courts ignore the request of the Prosecutor General of Russia to extradite the suspected country of his citizenship. Recently, Russian representatives made such a request to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.