November 27, 2022

Ministry of Justice of Greece signed a decree on the extradition of Alexander Vinnik to France

The Ministry of Justice of Greece signed a decree on the extradition to France of Alexander Vinnik, detained in Greece two years ago on charges of laundering from $ 4 billion to $ 9 billion through the BTC-e exchange.

Vinnik’s lawyers have already appealed this decision -The head of the group of lawyers, Timofei Musatov, reported on the difficulties encountered in connection with this decision. The fact is that the validity of the French warrant has expired, as the Greek side has repeatedly assured.

In addition, you can only appeal withindays, while the defense did not even receive the relevant documentation. Vinnik’s lawyers consider that they are in every way hindered in conducting the appeal procedure. In connection with the decision of the Greek authorities, Alexander Vinnik went on another hunger strike.

It is reported that later Vinnik’s lawyers didit was possible to file a cassation appeal and a motion to the Supreme Administrative Court of Greece to postpone the extradition of the suspect to France. Recall that earlier this month, Greece quashed the decision to extradite Alexander Vinnik to the United States or France.

The Russian Embassy in Greece expressedregret that the Greek courts ignored the request of the Prosecutor General of Russia to extradite Vinnik to his country of citizenship. Earlier, Russia made this request to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.