February 22, 2024

Greece refused to extradite Alexander Vinnik to the United States or France

According to Human Rights Commissioner Tatiana Moskalkova, the Supreme Court of Greece overturned the decision onExtradition of BTC-e exchange operator Alexander Vinnik to the USA or France.

"According to the latest information, the Greek court overturnedthe decision to extradite Vinnik to the United States or France. Only the Russian Federation remained. So far, we are helping Alexander through humanitarian channels, ”the Ombudsman said.

Vinnik was arrested in Greece in 2017. He is accused of laundering more than $ 4 billion through the BTC-e exchange. He repeatedly tried to obtain extradition to Russia and even went on a hunger strike. Interestingly, Vinnik’s lawyer Timofei Musatov did not confirm the information that Greece refused to extradite his client to the United States or France.

“I have no such information. The court does not make a decision. He is received by the Minister of Justice of Greece. It is he who decides which country to issue. We are now in the process of considering the case of canceling the decision to extradite him to France or the United States, ”Musatov said.

According to the lawyer, at the moment, the date of consideration of the case on the cancellation of the extradition decision has not even been determined. It can take place on December 20.

This summer, Alexander Vinnik accused the judicial system of Greece of insolvency.