May 15, 2021

Even more passive income in crypto: KickEX launches a new referral

From May 01, 2021 exchange KickEX, included in the TOP-100 of the world rating of cryptocurrency exchanges, launches a new KickRef referral program to support the growth of their platform.

As a reminder, KickRef is a publicmulti-level reward program for crypto trading on the exchange. Each of you who use the Kick Ecosystem services can participate for free, all you have to do is register at and start using a personal link to invite your friends to the KickEX platform.
Even more passive income in crypto: KickEX launches a new referral

KickEX invitees also becomeprogram participants are your friends, friends of your friends, acquaintances who at any time used your invitation link, and the acquaintances of their acquaintances, and so on up to 10 levels down. All those of them who become a full-fledged trader on KickEX will bring you passive income due to the trading commission paid by them.

The larger the volume of their transactions, the more passiveincome. From each level you will receive a commission, which in aggregate from all 10 levels is 50%. That is, the KickEX exchange gives up to 50% of its income to those who actively attract traders.

What's interesting about the new KickRef:

  • Amounts from $ 10 become available for withdrawal, against $ 20 earlier;
  • Funds not withdrawn from the referral account no longer expire at the end of the month, but remain in your account;
  • The need for personal trades to withdraw funds from the referral account is canceled;
  • You can withdraw funds any day.
  • As a result, KickRef is now available not only to thosewho are a pro in stock trading, but also those who are just starting to study this topic, or simply do not mind making some money easily. Trading commissions on the KickEX exchange have been increased, while remaining the lowest compared to competitors' commissions, which again is good for increasing passive income.

    So, it makes sense to look, think, compare, discuss ...