February 22, 2024

Bittrex Launches New International Bittrex Global Exchange

Bittrex launches new cryptocurrency platform Bittrex Global, registered in Liechtenstein, and asks to switchon it all of its international customers.

The company published a new message in itsblog, according to which Bittrex International will suspend services to international clients on October 29, and in its place a new platform, Bittrex Global, will be launched.

On the launch day, users of the old exchange will beginredirect to a new one. Access to it will be possible with the help of existing accounts. To do this, you will need to agree to the new terms of service. Applications posted to Bittrex International will also automatically transfer to Bittrex Global. In the near future, the company will publish more detailed information.

Formerly BittrexInternational has suspended services to users in 31 countries. The exchange tweeted that customers who meet the requirements to migrate to the new platform will see a message prompting them to accept the new terms of service when accessing Bittrex International. Nothing changes for US traders; they will continue to be serviced on Bittrex.com.

Let us recall that in April of this year, Bittrex received a refusal from the New York State Department of Financial Services to provide a license to operate in its jurisdiction.