October 19, 2021

Two new coins to stack into a passive income portfolio

Two new coins to stack into a passive income portfolio

My dream of financial independence is centered around passive income - income that I am not I work actively. This passive income comes from cryptocurrency. Crypto staking and cryptocurrency dividends play an increasingly important role in generating income in my portfolio.

Today I want to give a quick overview of 2 new staking coins that I am adding to my portfolio.

Please note that this is a test position for now.I study how staking works in these coins by trying them and seeing what happens. I am by no means an expert, just a curious crypto-sardinian (the opposite of a whale). If staking goes well in the next couple of months, I will increase my position.

And so, let's move on to the coins:

1. Zilliqa

Zilliqa positions itself as scalable,secure and decentralized network. At the heart of Zilliqa is sharding technology that scales linearly as the size of the blockchain network grows. This results in lower gas rates than other networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum and faster confirmation times. It also has a unique smart contract language, Scilla.

I delegate Zilliqa (ZIL) to Atomic Wallet where19% of annual income is offered. So far, the process was smooth - after exchanging for ZIL, I chose a stack, paid a small network fee of 6 ZIL (only part of this amount went to the network card, and the rest remained in my wallet as "Available"), and now I am waiting for my first rewards for staking, and already noticed that a trickle of ZIL appeared on my demanded balance sheet!

2. Cardano

Cardano is a Proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain,built for decentralization, security and sustainability. Cardano.org offers a variety of use cases ranging from education and agriculture to government and healthcare.

I also host Cardano (ADA) on Atomic Wallet.to simplify my accounting, where the staking reward is estimated at 5% per annum. ADAs are part of the Cardano network and by joining the staking pool I can earn rewards.

First, I had to use 2 ADA inas a "one time deposit", but unlike other coins like Tron, Cosmos and ZIL, there is no asset freeze, so I can freely move my ADA as I see fit.

Due to the fact that Cardano uses "Ages" inAs a staking timeline, I expect (hopefully) to receive my first rewards in about 20 days. Each epoch lasts 5 days, and this will depend on the time of the current epoch in order to determine the exact day of receiving the reward. So let's see what staking this coin is good for.

In the meantime, I have a steady income from staking.Tezos coins - 6%; Cosmos - 8.3%; TRON - 4%; VeChain - 0.88%; TomoChain - 6.35%; Algorand - 5.1%; Kava - 4.7%; DEL - 84%, BIP - 61%, BTT - 14% and PZM - 18%; CLO - 1.5%, SMART - 3% and NPXS - 5%; NEO - 1.39%, EOS - 3%, ONT - 5.57% per year on the same Atomic Wallet, SpaceBot, Trust Wallet and Coinomi. And don't be surprised that I have so many wallets. There is never too much stacking!

If you are interested in my approach to staking, then write, share your ideas and thoughts.

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