February 20, 2024

EOS Launches New Grant Program for EOSIO Projects

EOS Launches New Grant Program for EOSIO Projects

Block.One, the developer of the EOS platform, has launched a new $1.5 million grant program for developmentEOSIO ecosystem.

EOS VC, the company's venture capital arm, plans to commit $50,000 to each selected project as part of its new funding initiative. 

The official announcement on December 17 noteslack of predetermined standards for selecting successful grant candidates. The size and subject of the project does not matter. The company aims to attract more developers and users from all over the world and support various promising startups. 

Version 2 introduced in October.0 of the open source EOSIO protocol has significantly improved network security and made it possible to use system resources more efficiently. New tools have simplified the system requirements for creating EOS.io applications and opened up new opportunities for developers. 

The company is confident that the new grant program will ensure the development and implementation of new projects based on EOSIO.