March 8, 2021

Tesla made more bitcoins than selling its cars

The purchase of bitcoins for a large amount and the noticeably increased cost of the cryptocurrency did their job

The constantly growing Bitcoin exchange rate allows goodto make money on this cryptocurrency not only for the miners, but also for ordinary buyers: bought in one month, waited for the rate to rise, sold in another - a simple get-rich-quick scheme works almost flawlessly. And the larger the investment, the more income. Tesla invested heavily in Bitcoin in January, and by now it has earned more from the exchange rate difference than from selling its cars for the entire last year!
Recall that a couple of weeks ago it became knownthat Tesla invested heavily in Bitcoin, buying this cryptocurrency for $ 1.5 billion. And now, when the rate reached $ 57,000, the first calculations appeared. According to them, Tesla has earned $ 930 million on the difference in Bitcoin exchange rates since January this year. Of course, earnings here are only on paper, because the company did not sell its bitcoins, but the fact itself is indicative: you just need to buy bitcoins, hold them in your wallet for a month or a month and a half, sell them - and get a solid income. And, interestingly, this income overlaps the income from Tesla car sales - for the entire last year it amounted to $ 721 million.
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