February 1, 2023

Copy-paste | Bitcoin is about to find the bottom, analysts predict

On October 25, bitcoin showed one of the most powerful ups in the history of its existence, after which switched to a decline that continues to this day. Against this background, bearish sentiment formed on the market, and many industry participants are predicting the development of a downward impulse token.

Long-term forecast does not really lookin the best way, but in the medium term, everything is not so bad, and even signs of an early return to growth are observed. Moreover, the approach of halving weakens bearish risks.

Despite the bearish technical forecast,Some network metrics allow you to look at Bitcoin more optimistically. Over the past year, no movements were observed among 11 million coins, which means that long-term token holders did not sell it either at the bottom or at the highs.

Trader and technical analyst @rektcapital points to a bearish picture on the weekly charts, where the price dropped below a significant support zone and confirmed it as resistance.

According to the expert, BTC could reach $ 6,000, as the price could not keep up with the previous support level.

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