February 4, 2023

Copy-paste | Bitcoin does not grow on holidays

Bitcoin fans are inclined to coincide with a new round of growth of the first cryptocurrency for each holiday. Day Thanksgiving is no exception. Many traders begin to think about whether to wait for large-scale movements in the holiday period.

However, the analysis shows that the dynamics of the asset inthe time immediately after Thanksgiving is quite unpredictable and, with the exception of November 2017, not impressive. Meanwhile, many analysts are convinced that bitcoin tends to grow during the holidays.

Copy-paste | Bitcoin does not grow on holidays

Bitcoin and holidays

Many community members expect bitcoingrowth during the holiday season is by no means unfounded. First of all, traders in the United States often leave for relatives or go shopping with bargains on Black Friday, leaving behind them half-empty order books.

In addition, conversations at the festive feastoften go into financial topics, so it’s easy to imagine that this class of assets will receive additional advertising. Who knows how many skeptical investors or traders changed their minds during such family gatherings?

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