March 4, 2024

Copy-paste | Bitcoin will soon cease to scare its followers, says the analyst

The Bitcoin rate has reached a very important support formed by the Fibo level of 0.5. What the results suggestanalysis, cryptocurrency is ready to grope the ground under its feet. Probably, it has already reached the bottom in the region of $ 6600.

For the week of November 17-24, bitcoin lost in valueabout 20%. Although the debate about the reasons for this drawdown does not subside, many nod to China, which first encouraged the markets with its keen interest in blockchain, and then showed a tough anti-cryptocurrency mood.

Analyst and trader @davthewave comments,that the Bitcoin rate has dropped significantly over the past week, provoking a wave of panic in the market, there is actually no reason to worry. This is Bitcoin, and it is always very volatile. Moreover, the crypto enthusiast emphasizes, the currency has already won back half of its losses.

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