February 5, 2023

Copy-paste | SpaceX and Bitcoin are preparing for the native in the first quarter of 2020

The first three months of next year may be decisive for both the SpaceX project - and, accordingly, for stocks Tesla is the same for bitcoin. Both will be aimed at conquering space heights in early 2020, the year when the company of Elon Mask will team up with NASA to complete the first manned mission, and the reward for mining bitcoin will be halved.

As it became known, the new manned spacecraft SpaceX known as Crew Dragon will be ready to enter orbit in the first quarter of next year.

This is an important step for SpaceX. Given that Mask owns a 54% stake in the company, the launch of the ship may affect Tesla's stock price.

Moreover, the timing of this event may coincide with the planned increase in the Bitcoin exchange rate as a result of a halving, which will reduce the rate of issue of new coins by half.

Copy-paste | SpaceX and Bitcoin are preparing for the native in the first quarter of 2020

What's good for SpaceX is good for Mask

For Tesla, a SpaceX-related company onlythe fact that Musk is also its major shareholder (he owns 20% of the shares), - progress in manned space flights indicates the development of technology. And that is part of Tesla's story, too.

Shares of the manufacturer of electric vehicles went fromrecent highs. However, the history and idea of ​​a company affects its value much more than the stories of other companies. Here is how John Rosiver, an investor in the automotive segment, explains this phenomenon:

“The cost of Tesla does not depend on its currentfinancial results of the company; investor expectations for future growth all decide - in other words, history. And if you believe the story, Tesla shares will grow rapidly over the next few years, as the developed world will begin to actively switch to electric cars. ”

Bitcoins will be harder to mine

At the beginning of next year, Tesla will work, thanks to a new breakthrough in the development of mankind, and Bitcoin - from the halving, which will also take place in early 2020.

Before reducing the reward for mining, many expect a sharp increase in the Bitcoin exchange rate. Forecasts reach truly cosmic figures of 400 thousand dollars per coin.

Well-known trader and financial [email protected] recently pointed out interesting price movements before and after two previous halvings. According to him, they indicate a rapid increase in the rate of bitcoin during the first quarter.

In a few months, the coin will become more scarce, and the hashrate and mining complexity will increase dramatically. Previously, this has always been a good sign for the asset, and contributed to its growth.

Will Tesla from Elon Musk's participation in the projectSpaceX? Is it possible to count on the fact that the company's shares will skyrocket in the first quarter of 2020, as well as the bitcoin exchange rate before halving? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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