December 9, 2022

Charles Hoskinson ridicules Solana co-founders for repeated network outages

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Charles Hoskinson ridicules Solana co-founders for repeated network outages

The founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, entered into a controversy with the co-founders of the Solana project, who criticized Cardano for being too cautious and slow in development.

A Twitter user recently tagged CharlesCharles Hoskinson in a podcast tweet uploaded about 10 months ago. It was attended by Solana co-founders Anatoly Yakovenko and Raj Gokal, who criticized Cardano developers for being “slow”. The hosts asked them to list the blockchains in order of priority, and Yakovenko named Cardano penultimate, joking that “it’s fashionable now to talk nasty things about Cardano.” In response, Hoskinson wrote them the following:

“The main criticism of Cardano is thatdevelopers painstakingly write software when billions of dollars from millions of users are at stake, and thousands of organizations rely on infrastructure as a source of income. Then it’s time for these guys to build a hospital,” wrote Hoskinson.

There is some irony in the fact that after tenFor months, this podcast has been remembered by users as Solana's network has gone down several times this year. More recently, Solana experienced a failure again - block production on the network stopped for 6 hours. Hoskinson reminded the Solana co-founders of this situation. He posted a link for them to a video showing how to fix old game consoles and joked that "it might help them."

One user asked Hoskinson if heDoes he think that excessive arrogance can play a cruel joke on him, as happened with Do Kwon and his Terra project? To this, Hoskinson replied that nothing in the world is absolutely safe. However, Cardano was ruthlessly ridiculed by Solana supporters and investors in LUNA for trying to do things right, using independent evaluation and formal methods to avoid such problems.

A few days ago, Hoskinson said that projects that grow too quickly are doomed to failure, and the collapse of Terra can be considered a telling example of "the collapse of the system after a sharp peak."