December 9, 2022

Charles Hoskinson: “Cardano will launch commercial infrastructure without delay”

The Cardano project, which is currently working on building infrastructure for commercial use, said that the work is going according to plan, despite the coronavirus.

In a YouTube video, the CEO of the companyCardano’s IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, said that Cardano’s critical business infrastructure will be launched in the coming months and that all work is proceeding as planned.

“Cardano’s commercial infrastructure is needed to compete with other cryptocurrencies,” he said.

The IOHK CEO noted that the infrastructure is necessary to support decentralized applications and DeFi protocols, and to be sure that they work correctly on the blockchain.

Hoskinson also said that the teamDevelopers have made significant headway in creating the next network update called Shelley. If earlier there were a lot of errors and bugs in the test network, then in recent months their number has significantly decreased, and software stability has increased.

Recall that recently Hoskinson spoke about the study of Hydra sharding technology, which will increase network bandwidth to 1 million transactions per second.