December 9, 2022

Charles Hoskinson publishes Cardano roadmap for 2022

Charles Hoskinson publishes Cardano roadmap for 2022

The founder of Cardano spoke about plans to grow the network for 2022 on his Christmas stream.

According to him, this year on the Cardano blockchain was released“Over two million assets”. Most of them are NFTs. Over 127 projects are writing code to create dApps on Cardano. About 30 of them will launch their applications in the next three months.

Cardano goals for 2022

Hoskinson said that next year, Cardano's key goals are to create an open-source project and connect the institutions that support the project.

He said:

Next year we will form an open-source project like Hyperledger for Linux and connect a large number of institutions to the network.

In addition, Hoskinson still wants to provide African people with access to financial services.

My goal for the second half of 2022 is to completework with microtransactions on Cardano, so that a person in Kenya or in any other country can receive a loan or borrow money at the click of a mouse, conduct p2p transactions.

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