Jul 1, 2022

Blockchain Venture Summit to be held in London

Blockchain Venture Summit to be held in London

The Blockchain Venture Summit will be held in London on November 21. This will be an executive level conference with the participation of well-known blockchain investors, cryptocurrency enthusiasts and entrepreneurs from Europe.

The conference will undoubtedly be useful to those whohopes to find new acquaintances and connections with investors and entrepreneurs. Fruitful talk about the future of blockchain technology and the current situation in cryptocurrency markets will be a plus.

The purpose of the conference is to cover a wide range of topics, mainly focused on investments in cryptocurrencies and innovative blockchain technology.

The main topics of the conference:

  • The value of institutional investors
  • Investing in blockchain space
  • Stocks vs Tokens
  • Mining: new models for crypto funds
  • Security tokens and their future
  • Blockchain and encryption rules
  • More than 20 famous personalities, including AgitTripati, Consensys partner, Arda Kutsal, founder and CEO of Webrazzi, Jess Walgrave, Co-founder of Codex Protocol, Liam Robertson, Alphabit Digital Monetary Fund, Tuges Ergul, partner at Angel Labs will shed light on these issues.


    The sponsors of this conference are Colendi andGobaba. Colendi is a comprehensive decentralized credit counting protocol and microcredit platform based in Zug, Switzerland. Gobaba, in turn, is a platform on which users can purchase, sell, exchange, transfer and store cryptocurrencies.