July 4, 2022

2018 CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise in the Mediterranean Sea

2018 CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise in the Mediterranean Sea

Are you ready for another amazing cruise? CoinsBank is proud to announce the launch of the 3rd CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise, which will be held from September 7 to 11, 2018 - a 4-day trip from Barcelona (Spain) with a visit to Monaco (Monte Carlo) and Ibiza.

Like the 2018 Asia Cruise, a Mediterranean cruiseI intend to attract hundreds of industry professionals, famous thinkers and blockchain enthusiasts from around the world to the sea. A cruise is a great opportunity to relax and at the same time learn about the latest trends in blockchain investing. The blockchain cruise intends to accelerate the development of the growth of the cryptocurrency community, contributing to the formation of close relations between its members. What could be better than having a one-on-one chance to chat with a Bitcoin expert under a glass of some expensive champagne while enjoying the view of the Mediterranean Sea? You guessed it: Nothing!

As the Bloomberg news publication wrote:

“By the time their ship, 1,020 feetlong, sailed to Thailand, accompanied by a sea of ​​drinks and cryptocurrency-focused conversations on a sun-soaked private beach, bitcoin dropped to $ 10,000 !. But sangria and Red Bull continued to flow, rap music to play, and drones to shoot it all from above. ”

It sounds great, but as it turned out, the organizers are not enough. Therefore, CoinsBank decided to make this conference even cooler.

Ship and places

The cruise will take place on a modern shipwith a capacity of 2500 people, which has everything that can only be on a cruise ship. The cruise ship was reserved for the event in order to receive as many blockchain enthusiasts as possible, thereby giving them the opportunity to enjoy this amazing adventure. For maximum convenience, the ship has spacious rooms, magnificent observation decks, indoor and outdoor pools, great food and entertainment.


This is definitely cool! First, a Mediterranean cruise ship leaves from Barcelona to Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo is one of the main stops, because here participants will be able to get acquainted with the best of French and Italian cultures in the midst of pure luxury. Then the ship will go to Ibiza, where a conference will be held, which will end with a crazy party on a paradise beach on this magnificent island. And only after that will return to beautiful Barcelona.

Each of these directions can be found inTop 10 best tourist destinations in the world. Cruise gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of these places, listening to insightful discussions of leaders and experts of crypto space.


The event invited more than 100 speakers,having wide knowledge about the world of cryptography: government representatives, blockchain consultants, leading lawyers, trade experts of investment and venture funds, influential politicians, media representatives and bloggers.

Get ready to hear from leading cryptocurrency experts such as John McAfee, Roger Ver and Bobby Lee.

Also in the conference will take part:

  • Travis Wright - Host of Bad Crypto Podcast
  • Tone Weiss - Blockchain Consultant / Trader
  • Taavi Roivas - Deputy, former Prime Minister of Estonia
  • Susan Poole - Founder, BlockBridge Advisory Group
  • Jack Tatar - Founder and CEO of GEM Research Solutions
  • Naim Aslam - Forbes Reviewer
  • Giacomo Zucco - Director of BHB.Network
  • Bruce Porter - CEO of GlobalBoos.
  • They will tell you about issues such as the impact of newcrypto projects for leading cryptocurrencies, the latest trends in the crypto space, expert predictions about the future of the blockchain, tools and methods for trading digital assets, and others. The combination of the speakers' knowledge and experience will help guests see the picture from many angles and support frank discussions.


    In addition to all negotiations, business meetings andconferences, the ship provides an entertainment program for guests. World famous DJs, celebrities, pool party, shows, lunch and an unforgettable party on the beautiful beach of Ibiza.

    CoinsBank Mediterranean Cruise Ship2018 every blockchain should be visited by a professional, thinker or enthusiast who likes to travel and share experiences with like-minded people from around the world.

    CoinsBank is pleased to invite everyone to Cruise Mediterranean CoinsBank, September 7-11, 2018.

    More about the program and the cost of participation on the site https://coinsbank.com/cruise-europe