February 20, 2024

Armenia will gather IT specialists from different countries at the first international Armenian Blockchain Forum

Armenia will gather IT specialists from different countries at the first international Armenian Blockchain Forum

On April 22, Yerevan will host the first international Armenian Blockchain Forum, which will bring togetherblockchain specialists withall over the world under the motto “Digital Spring for economic development ...”.

Armenian Blockchain Forum is an information and educational ecosystem for bringing together the practices of leading companies, specialists and entrepreneurs in order to create favorable conditions for the development of technology companies.The forum will be opened by the top officials of the state.

The event will be held in anticipation of the openingan international accelerator, which will serve as a platform for launching and developing innovative projects from around the world, as well as organizing industrial data centers on the territory of the SEZ to ensure the functioning of projects based on distributed databases.

The forum will bring together more than 30 international reputable blockchain industry experts from Europe, the USA, Australia, Russia and other countries. The following confirmed their participation:Bryant nielson, Executive Director of The Blockchain Academy and CapitalWave Inc.;Sergey Sergienko, CEO of ChronoBank;Vasily Sumanov,member of the expert council at Arbidex Token and MicroMoney, startup – ICObench expert;Reuben godfrey, member of the expert council at ICObench (Top-10) and VRT World,Maxim Chereshnev, International Secretary at InternationalDecentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (IDACB) and other world-class experts in the field of blockchain technologies, startups, investors and leading international media.

The key topic of the Armenian Blockchain Forum will bediscussion of the development strategy of the blockchain industry in Armenia, as well as in other states that, thanks to new technologies, get the opportunity to make a real breakthrough and build a stable economy of the country. Today, Armenia has taken the vector for the development of digital industries, including in the field of decentralized technologies.

Expert presentations will take place in three halls:“Blockchain Hall”, “Education Hall”, “Roadshow Hall”. The main topics of speeches at “Blockchain Hall” will be devoted to the future of the blockchain industry: economic and social effects, the impact of blockchain on the development of the situation in the world, investing in cryptocurrencies and ICO projects. A battle of technology platforms will also take place here. In the “Education Hall”, IT specialists and startups will present innovative technical developments, conduct master classes on the implementation of blockchain technologies in various areas of business, and discuss issues of education and graduation of industry specialists. Within “Roadshow Hall” There will be a presentation of ICO projects in the format of pitch sessions. The jury will be investors from different countries.

At the first international forum ArmenianThe Blockchain Forum will be presented by more than 30 speakers: top managers of international companies, foreign crypto experts, foreign developers, experts in the blockchain industry and others.

Vitaly Buterin’s performances are expected,founder of the Ethereum Foundation; Richard Berger, CEO of PECUNIO Blockchain Technologies, investor; Vladimir Smerkis, Co-Founder / Partner at The Token Fund, Journalist at Cointelegraph.

Electronic registration of participants on the forum site: https://abf.am/event/

Place and time:April 22, 2018; Armenia, Yerevan; Center for Creative Technologies TUMO;16 ​​Halabyan St.

Registration starts at 9:00.

Contact Information: [email protected]; +7 (495)118-31-89