January 31, 2023

Wire Summit 2018 blockchain conference to be held in New Delhi

Wire Summit 2018 blockchain conference to be held in New Delhi

On December 2, the Wire Summit 2018 conference will be held in the capital of India, New Delhi, at which startup blockchains will take part. and investors from all over the world. Wire Summit is the largest blockchain industry event in 2018.

Conference format

Wire Summit can only be accessed by invitation. If you want to go to the conference, you need to submit an application on the site Wire Summit Invest 2018.Organizer of the event, company BTCWIRES,invited startups, developers of decentralized applications, experienced investors and venture capitalists to the blockchain summit. Owners of crypto companies will be able to attract the attention of financiers and get money to implement their ideas.

The main goals of Wire Summit

Summit participants will have the opportunityto demonstrate their developments to the general public, consisting of fund managers, venture capitalists and large investors. At the conference, it will be possible to talk with famous people in the crypto industry and experts on blockchain technology. The summit will become a place for concluding contracts and creating new business partnerships.