November 29, 2022

Alternative Airlines will add the ability to pay for tickets with cryptocurrencies

The British travel company Alternative Airlines has entered into a partnership with the Swiss service Utrust, as part of which travelers will be able to pay for flights with cryptocurrencies.

Users will be available to pay for airline ticketsin BTC, ETH, DASH, DGB and UTK. Alternative Airlines will allow you to pay with cryptocurrency tickets for more than 650 airlines, including British Airways, Emirates, Virgin, Delta and United. Utrust CEO Nuno Correia noted:

“Whether it's business travel or vacation, airline ticketsare expensive, so customers have to save money to buy them. Given the high cost of tickets, it is necessary to protect consumers when booking flights. Utrust provides Alternative Airlines customers with increased security when making cryptocurrency payments, and also reduces fees to increase transparency and trust in the world of online payments. ”

As reported this summer, Norwegian Air customers from Norway will be able to buy plane tickets for bitcoins.