June 19, 2024

Buyers of luxury Karma electric cars will be able to pay with their bitcoins

Karma Automotive, the flagship luxury electric vehicle store located in the American city of Newport Beach,started accepting payment for cars in bitcoins.

“We launched our platform totest the use of cryptocurrencies in practice. The Karma flagship store supported our initiative to introduce new technologies and provided customers with the opportunity to pay in bitcoins, ”said Karma CEO Lance Zhou.

Karma bought in 2014 from the previousThe owner of the Fisker Automotive Chinese group is Wanxiang. Already in 2016, the production of the flagship hybrid car Revero, which costs $ 135,000, began. The sports car can drive up to 60 km by electric traction.

At the end of last year, Audi's dealerSt. Petersburg began selling cars for cryptocurrencies. Norwegian Air airline tickets are also sold for bitcoins. Of course, crypto assets can also pay for more mundane things - lunches or public transport.