December 2, 2022

BlueWallet will add LN-enabled BTC trading

BlueWallet will add LN-enabled BTC trading

The nonprofit P2P platform Hodl Hodl and the popular BlueWallet bitcoin wallet have entered into a new partnership, aiming which will be the launch of instant payment services.

According to the developers, the clients of the two serviceswill be able to use a single and integral application for instant transactions within the network and with the help of Lightning. So far, the exact launch date of the service has not been announced, but companies expect to present the product at the end of this year or early next.

Partners plan to offer speciala function that allows you to buy and sell bitcoin using the Hodl Hodl service without leaving the BlueWallet interface, as well as use an escrow agreement.

Partners hope to increase liquidityplatforms, attracting new customers and promoting the Lightning network. BlueWallet already has experience promoting Lightning through the introduction of marketplace and LApp browser features.

In May, BlueWallet announced the release of its newa unique application for making payments in Bitcoin and Lightning networks on the Apple Watch. In addition, according to the statement, the BlueWallet team is not going to stop and plans to develop new products to support and promote the Lightning Network.