March 27, 2023

West Virginia refuses to use blockchain for voting

West Virginia Election Commission Announces Abandonment of Blockchain Application Plans Voatz for voting.

Secretary of State Mac Warner (Mac Warner) announcedrefusal to use Voatz, so that state citizens traveling (or army) and not able to come to polling stations will not be able to use the mobile voting app. Instead, they were offered a service that allows you to fill out a newsletter online, print it out and send it by mail.

Voatz App Used Duringmidterm elections last year and it was planned to use it for the current primaries. However, after a group of MIT researchers announced the discovery of serious vulnerabilities in the application, confidence in it was shaken. This was not even affected by the fact that last year the US Department of Homeland Security did not find any problems during last year’s elections. Then it was reported that hackers tried to hack Voatz, but did not succeed.

“If the public does not want it or skepticallyattitude, not sure about the results, then we have to take this into account, ”said Donald Kersey, General Advisor to the Secretary of State.

West Virginia has been testing blockchain for a long timeconducting elections and voting. Back in August 2018, the Voatz mobile blockchain application for voting in all 55 districts of the region became available in the state.

Also, the other day, MIT professor of computer technology Ronald Rivest (Ronald Rivest) said that the blockchain is not suitable for the organization of voting.